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The Group

An alliance of companies, compelled by one purpose - to build an innovative tomorrow.

Built on a proven track record for innovation and excellence, the group goal is to provide positive impact to our clients, partners and community at large through our technology insights and quality of service. 


At Infinite QL, client focus has always been our company core culture. To this end, we listen and analyze all our client needs, because their requirements are as varied as them and their industry. This innate culture and our proven track record are what sets us apart from our competitors and paving our future. That’s why one of our most significant measures of success till to date is our client’s referral and steady client relationships.


With over 20 years of professional experience in national, offshore & government engagements, Infinite QL is committed to building long-term strategic partnerships, by designing and providing realistic, bespoke and cost-effective solutions with measurable business outcomes. The group offers advanced technology solutions, supporting full business cycle : preliminary consulting, system development & deployment, project management, software integration, board repair center, 24 hours call support and system maintenance.

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Video Management Solutions


Engineering, Design & Development

There is more than one way to solve a problem and there is more than one way to innovate something

Our Origin


Our logo reflects our story. Back in 1998, I had an intuition that the 21st century will be the age where the advancement of technology will pave the way for major changes in our lives - the way we live, operate, process information and evolve. 

Physicists from Albert Einstein to Freeman Dyson established that the principles of quantum physics are so outlandish that they defy understanding. What I love and remembered of Albert Einstein was when he stated that curiosity has its own reason for existing. “The important thing is not to stop questioning,” he said. This statement has been the core belief and essence within myself and my vision for Infinite QL – challenging the status quo, asking the unasked questions and having the conviction to deliver tomorrow’s innovation today. 

All these intuition and belief integrated with my passion for innovation, was the driving factor to establish and lead a Performance, Progressive and Innovative company.

Henceforth in July 2000 the company logo emerged - conceptualized from the Chinese character, pronounced as “wúxiàn” or “Woo Sea-en” meaning “infinite” - “infinite ideas, infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities” where the mind is the only barrier. 

The abbreviation “QL - Quantum Leap” tailing after Infinite, echoed my vision that businesses will always need to evolve from its current state to another, through Quantum Thinking, Quantum Innovation and Quantum Technologies. 

Innovation continues to thrust and infuse everything we do. We’re constantly investing in the future, always driving ourselves to go where others are not, cannot and will not. This has been our mission from day one, when we engineered and built the first MPEG-2 video systems – pioneering technology that transformed the casino industry where video was still being streamed the old fashioned VCR way. 

At Infinite QL, we’re dedicated to working with varied clients. The nature of work we do and the solutions we offer our clients is as varied as they are. Even the most complex challenges posed by our clients, is translated into an innovative design and solution. We work continuously to improve the quality of all of our services, investing in our people, innovation and knowledge.


This is the Essence of Infinite QL!

Image by Ruslan Keba

Even the most complex challenges posed by our clients, is translated into an innovative design and solution


Education is fundamental to development and growth and the human mind makes possible all development and innovation achievements. However, if education is your only foundation for inspiration, then what we learn can become the obstacle for innovation. Innovation is important for everyone out there and for our employees to understand the importance of innovation as a means for organization survival in a fast-changing world. There is more than one way to solve a problem and there is also more than one way to innovate something.


This is the Art of Innovation and this is Infinite QL’s key value proposition.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


We encourage fresh minds to join us –

from recent graduates to seasoned professionals.

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