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Innovation Is About Aptitude Not Talent.

TRUE INNOVATION only materialize when we simultaneously solve customer problems and create value for their business. Ideas are plenty, but bridging ideas with business sense is key to our differentiation

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Smart Buildings & Cities

Design and deployment of a Digital ICT blueprint for a commercial hub including Smart Building System to Access Control, Car Park System and CCTV System, Service Management System. This Smart City project was designed to connect the city under a unified control center accessible via a One-card system that comprises accessibility rights, loyalty programs and cashless payments.

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Lift Destination and Digital Signage

Significantly improve efficiency, convenience and increased security, the Lift Destination System is integrated to the building security entrance control system. This was in addition to the design and deployment of a visitor management system and an intelligent building digital signage which can dynamically display adverts and also prompt emergency notifications such as fire alarm and building evacuation signals, all in real-time.

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Cross-Border Security Challenge

Maintaining secure borders is important in combating transnational crime and extremely challenging for many countries. Solution: Turnkey design, develop, manufacture, integrate as well as maintain a Secured Automated Clearance System via self-service technology for motorist crossing international borders. Solution deployed caters to more than 120,000 registered users with innovative features as: Secured registration integrated with national identification and biometrics; High precision person counter technology capturing fast volume movement; Powerful customized software platform for officers to control, monitoring and gain more visibility of their operations.

Image by Ethan Hoover

Resort & Theme Park Access Control

When it is a matter of public and employee safety, a single powerful and innovative platform that has been proactively protecting assets, mitigating risks and enhancing security since the last 15 years, was the right business acumen.


Turnkey deployment of security systems throughout the park comprising various access controls including people counter solution, one card system for accessibility and spending, and deployment of emergency and fire escape systems. The project also involved managing over 6000 CCTV backend video system and automating the management of cardholders between the HR RDBMS and the access control system.

Image by Clarence E. Hsu

Sports Complex Web Portal

A full-fledged user-friendly web portal designed and deployed to consolidate and automate processes such as marketing, POS ticketing, booking and membership management for patrons to the complex. Full height turnstiles with built in access control were custom manufactured and integrated to the web portal facilitating real-time access with POS purchases. The portal integrates and manages the entire eco system with real-time monitoring of building system including HVAC for positive user experience.

Molecules Security

Mobile Biometric Terminals

Designed and supplied an all-in-one centralized database system for managing the complete profiles of various Race Marshals over the years as well as provide easy and accurate identification and authentication of these Marshals during an event. As marshals occupy an important role in the safety of all present during an event, the system was further enhanced to integrate Marshal Time Attendance to facilitate integration to their Finance Module to aid payment processing at the end of each race event.

Image by Steve Halama

Remote Base Station Monitoring

Development and deployment of a customized integrated security system for all remote site monitoring. This system incorporated surveillance cameras, sensors and alarms linked to a central command center. The security system was equipped to authenticate and record all network disruptions which greatly assisted the 5,000 employees working on site nationwide. 

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

Smart Cabling System

Leveraging on award wining CCTV technology, deployed smart cabling solution for over 500 CCTV cameras for an expanding port operation. The IP based cabling system proved to reduce cabling requirements and turnkey implementation project and maintenance cost by 30%.

Image by Agê Barros

Nationwide Time Attendance

We deployed an encrypted and highly secured "One Card" system for more than 2000 employees across 30 offices nationwide to track time attendance for a conglomerate. This single card solution was managed centrally from the Headquarters and integrated to existing 3rd party access controls along with biometrics for site offices.

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